About The Name

When most people meet me and see that the name of my company is J. Giovanetto Incorporated they assume the 'J' is for 'Jamie', it is not.  Rather it is for James Franklin Giovanetto, my father and thus is a tribute to him and a reminder of an opportunity not taken.


My father was assigned to the group that famously broke the Japanese Purple code during World War II.  What happened to some of these people after that event is little known but did have an impact on the IT world.  They were sent back to the mainland from Hawaii to develop an electronic device to decrypt messages using the broken code.  That device found its way in part into some early electronic computing systems.  After being recalled for service during the Korean War, this group started a small company in Minnesota and my father was asked to be one of the original members.  He did not take the risk and regretted it for the rest of his life.  He had a long career and can easily be called successful, but there was always that regret just under the surface.  That small company?  It became Control Data Corporation and its longtime Chairman, Bill Norris, was my Father's division officer in the Navy.


I was presented an opportunity to strike out and create my own business when I was laidoff by StorageTek in late 1999.  I took the risk with the goal of fulfilling that missed opportunity.

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