Solution Management

To obtain the best performance from your Oracle StorageTek® tape investment it is necessary to ensure that tape volumes, be they physical or virtual, are located in the best location at  creation and at job run time.  Further, tape volume requirements and placement change over time as disaster recovery, business continuity and archive elements come into play. The result is a need for ongoing management of the tape volumes in the solution.


While the basic enablement components of Oracle's StorageTek® Enterprise Library Software® (ELS) provide some functionality in this area, most management schemes also require the effective use of the Oracle StorageTek Library Content Manager® (LCM) component of ELS that provides the functionality to manage volume placement, automating many of the required activities.


My experience with assisting hundreds of users with management of their environments has made me the generally recognized 'guru' for Library Content Management, having worked with the LCM component of ELS since before it even went to beta testing, over twenty six years ago and other components of the solution before that. 


I can assist your organization in obtaining the performance it deserves from the solutions in your environment.  Please contact me for discussions on engaging my services.  My fees for such activities generally follow the same terms as shown under "Tape Solution Education"

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