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At J. Giovanetto Incorporated, my goal is to ensure that each customer I work with is better educated than when I started an engagement.  Often, most other education available is in the area of interactions between components as most education is from an individual product focus, if even offered.  I firmly believe in a solutions based approach to education.  We have all experienced attending a class on a product and returning home to realize we are missing how the product fits into the overall solution.  Much of the training I have performed for customers has been in exactly this area, connecting the products and developing the understanding of how an action in one product can be detremental to another.


As I indicated on the 'My Offerings' page, I do not directly compete with Oracle University's offerings, but I do provide complimentary services and often customize classes to the customer's environment.  Most of my classes are directed to personnel that have been handed support of the Oracle StorageTek Enterprise Library Software® but have not attending any related classes.  However, previously trained personnel often need a refresher to expand their view of the solution that becomes narrowed by daily tasks and to bring them up to date on new functionality added to the solution. 


Oracle StorageTek® Mainframe Tape Solution Basics


This course covers the four primary software components of the solution as well as the four primary hardware components. all of which play a significant role in the overall solution.  While not all components are found in every user site, it is important to have an understanding of the basics of the entire solution to prepare for the future.  This course also covers some history of tape solutions as where the solutions are today sometimes has its origin many years into the past.


Course Length: 3 days

Location:  Broomfield, Colorado

Upcoming Dates:  TBD


Onsite classes are possible


Custom Courses


A number of custom educational offerings are possible. all building upon the Basics course to meet specific needs.  Such offerings may be combined with other offerings.  These classes may be in Colorado or onsite. Contact me for details. 


General Terms for Courses


Course fees are set at  $1,000.00 per day per student with 50% of the total fee due within ten business days of registration, the balance being due within ten business days of the end of class.  The initial 50% payment is not refundable but may be applied to a subsequent class date wihin 8 weeks of initial class start date.


Onsite classes with sufficient number of students are generally at the same rate as classes in Colorado, however such classes reduce overall costs in many cases as user personnel do not need to travel.  Depending on the number of students from the site, discounts may be available.


Classes outside the United States may incur additional fees due to added costs and time requirements.



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